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Santalumi Jewelry is handmade, original, artisan quality jewelry. As such, it must be worn, stored, and treated with care and respect. In particular:

* protect your jewelry from strenuous use / pulling / scratching / blows;

* protect your jewelry from extreme conditions, including chemicals, concentrated sunlight, moisture, or heat / cold;

* store your jewelry items securely, by wrapping separately in felt lined boxes out of harms way;

*keep your jewelry away from moist environments (bathrooms) and place a moisture absorbent paper or material inside your storage box to prevent tarnishing the fine metals / eroding the threads;

* clean and polish your jewelry carefully with warm water (crystals) and toothpaste (metal) or professional jewelry polishing liquid obtained from a jewelry store, drying carefully afterwards;

* never clean or exercise or shower with your jewelry on, as sweat, moisture and chemicals can degrade the crystals, sterling silver, threads and glue used in the jewelry-making process.


Sandalwood is an ancient therapeutic and healing wood with sacred religious and metaphysical properties. The healing benefits of the wood are primarily found in the santalum oil, which is natural to the wood. It is important that you do not expose your wood to excessive moisture, extreme sunlight or heat, or any chemicals, in order to retain those properties within the wood.

* Do not let your wood dry out with exposure to heat.

* Do not expose your wood to any oils or chemicals.

* Over time, the wood will change color as a result of its interaction with your own natural body oils / chemicals. This is a natural aging process and is considered desirable in the wood.


Crystals are unique and amazing materials, all made from different types of minerals in different constructions / alignments. Their properties, features and characteristics all therefore differ. Please understand that no two stones are alike, and there may be organic natural imperfections in some stones, which are part of our design aesthetic and their appeal.

In relation to the care of crystals, no treatment can be regarded as universally appropriate for all crystals. However, in general, in relation to our jewelry, it can be said that:

* Your crystals have been hand-selected by Karlalise for their quality and characteristics;

* Each crystal carries its own energy which is sacred and meaningful and ought to be cherished and protected;

* Crystals enjoy positive, constructive thoughts and loving feelings. They work in support of your highest emotions and intentions. Kindly align your use of them to the highest expression of good;

* Store your crystals in a safe, dry, dark, soft place;

* Do not expose them to chemicals, moisture, or excessive concentrated sunlight or extreme changes in temperature;

* If your crystals appear grey, tired, muted or less shiny, give them a rest in a bowl of uncooked dry rice inside a dark cupboard for a week or so. Alternatively, sweep them with palo santo or incense smoke, bathe them in a crystal healing bowl sound bath, smudge them with burning sage (in the vicinity) and meditate with them to cleanse them and reset your intentions in relation to their use.

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