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  • Contact Us

    Let's chat about the Bespoke Process at Santalumi Studio

  • What are you thinking about?

    Let's chat about your goals:

    * Who is the jewelry for (you or someone else)?

    * What type of piece should it be (for example, a necklace or bracelet or earrings)?

    * Which crystals appeal?

    * When is it needed by?

    * How much do you want to spend?

  • We'll make some suggestions

    Based on your goals, we'll make some suggestions and send you through a quote with our design, the price and the expected timeframes involved.

  • Say Yes and pay 50%

    When you approve our design, just pay the 50% deposit set out in the invoice, and we'll begin work after that. Payment details are included on the invoice / quote.

    If you're not happy with the design or the terms, we can go back to the drawing board. Just let us know!

  • Handmade with love 

    Once the deposit is paid, we'll order our supplies and quickly get to work finishing your beautiful new jewelry. 

    We make all of our jewelry by hand, to exacting standards. We bless the jewelry with love and clear intention during the process.

    When it's finished, we send through photos of the work through to you.

  • Pay the remainder (plus shipping)

    Once you've seen the finished work and you feel 1005 happy with the result, pay the final instalment (50% plus shipping costs) to complete the sale.

  • We'll send out your piece

    We can ship your jewelry anywhere you like. If it's a gift, we'll gift wrap it with a special note inside of your choosing too. Standard shipping rates and delivery timeframes apply.

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